How to use native WordPress photo gallery

Making use of native WordPress Photo gallery can significantly improve your website’s performance. It eliminates the use of third-party Gallery plugins that can cause your website to load at a speed that’s slower than that of a turtle. The fact that it’s built-in means that WordPress has done almost everything for us; with few tricks and tips, we’ll be able to implement a sleek native WordPress gallery. Okay, let’s learn how to use native WordPress photo gallery.

  1. Login to WordPress
  2. Open the post or page that you want to add the gallery to
  3. Click on “Add Media” on the edit window
  4. Click on “Create Gallery” at the top left
  5. Select the photos you want to use if you have them in your Media Gallery; if not, upload them
  6. Click on “Create Gallery” at the bottom right of the current window
  7. When the new/next window opens, locate “Gallery Settings” at the top right hand side and set them the way you like
  8. click on “Insert Gallery” at the very bottom right of the current window
  9. View your work

Okay, our galley is ready but it’s just plain and boring. To add an effect to it, here’s what to do.

Note: If you prefer the second plugin, you don’t need to install it if you have JetPack. Just locate and activate “Carousel” in your Jetpack window.

That’s it, We’re done.

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