How to fix Skitter Slideshow image loading error

Skitter Slideshow plugin is one of the best there is but there’s always an occasional issue with slideshow plugins,  one of which is its image path output to the slideshow proper. This usually happens when you move your website from one server to another or after PHP  and  sometimes WordPress updates.

It hits you when you view your website and there goes the dreaded sentence “Error loading images. One or more images were not found” after a hopeful Skitter Slideshow loading spin. Phew-There’s nothing you haven’t done but couldn’t fix it. Because I’ve witnessed the problem and solved it, I decided to share the solution.

Here’s how to solve the problem.

    1. In WordPress back-end and on the left pane, hover over settings and then click on Skitter Slideshow
    2. Find “Crop Image” option and uncheck it
    3. Now scroll to the bottom of Skitter Slideshow settings window and click “Save Changes”

*If your slideshow images are sized to fit, what you’ve done so far solves your problem. Check your slideshow
*If your images are over sized you have to finish this tutorial so that they will be cropped properly

    1. In WordPress back-end, click on plugins
    2. From the list of installed plugins find Skitter Slideshow and click on the edit link under it
    3. Find “wp-skitter-slideshow.php” From the list of the plugin files on the right pane and click on it
    4. Find the block of code below
    5. .box_skitter img { 
      		width: auto !important; 
      		max-width: none !important;
    6. Change it to
    7. .box_skitter img { 
      		width: 100% !important; 
      		max-width: none !important;
    8. Save and view your slideshow

    That wasn’t as hard as rocket science or was it?
    If you have questions please use the comment form below and I’d be glad to help you.
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