Automate WordPress website copyright information

Automating a website’s copyright information will in the long run save you some work. For instance, if you’re a web development company with a lot of clients and the copyright info/dates on their websites were inserted manually, you’d have to manually change them again every year. Good luck changing them manually.
It’s best to make your WordPress website copyright information automatic. Here’s how you can do that

  1. Method 1: Automating just the date
  2. This method is pretty basic and is perfect when the website is yours and you’re sure you’d never change your business name. If that’s the case just add the one line code below to the exact area you want the copyright information to appear on your website.

    <div id="footer">
     &copy; <?php echo date("Y"); ?>  Your Website Name
    </div><!--End Footer -->
  3. Method 2: Automates both the name and date.
  4. it’s of great Importance to automate both the copyright names and dates on websites you intend selling. Your client might not be familiar with raw HTML and could break the website if they try to edit the copyright information manually.
    The method below calls the website’s title and places it next to the current year.

     <div id="footer">
    &copy;<?php echo date("Y"); ?> <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>
    </div><!--End Footer -->

Not rocket science or is it?
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