Create jQuery based pagination Part 2

In the previous tutorial on how to “Create jQuery base Pagination”, we were able to group elements and show them when their corresponding link (li) is clicked. However, the links were added manually. As... September 26, 2016 | continue Reading →
Camera navigation element

Create smart website navigation with css

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Style form elements with Font Awesome icons

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paper cutter

Resize images with CSS

Designers always face the need to resize images and also avoid deterioration, whilst maintaining the images’s quality at the same time. There are so... December 11, 2014 | continue Reading →
previous and next button with brushlines

Create jQuery based pagination

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Complete web development toolkit

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WordPress photo gallery without plugin

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Camera navigation element

Create a smart navigation menu with font-awesome icons

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Control elements that contain images with jQuery

If the element that contains your image has fixed dimensions; it takes up a space that equals the dimensions given, even when it’s empty.... July 9, 2014 | continue Reading →
Stack of documents

Create a paper stack with CSS

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Copyright issues

Automate WordPress website copyright information

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How to fix Skitter Slideshow image loading error

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Responsive ui flat design concept

Free online responsive screenshot generators

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Create simple jQuery content switcher

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A photo gallery on a touch screen display

How to use native WordPress photo gallery

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Display WordPress Posts in Grid View.

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Free intuitive online SEO tools.

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How to override inline CSS

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